Mount Royal – Montreal

Still one of my favorite spots in Montreal and probably the best place to view Montreal at night. Occasionally you may find a lot people here around midnight as well. If you are driving as I do, you can not drive uphill and have to park it in the parking lot. Don’t forget to pay…

My peaceful place

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind!

Yes it was cold!

This picture was taken at Solang Valley, which is quiet and is best approached by road. The drive up to Solang is extremely picturesque. Once you are there, try out some local food and enjoy the view.

Montreal Downtown

A piece of art on the side wall of a building in downtown, Montreal.

JMSB – Concordia University

This one was taken at EV building Concordia university in Montreal, Quebec. The art on the wall is worth noticing.

Terrasse Dufferin – Quebec city

  Built in 1879 as an extension of the 40-year-old Durham Terrace, The Dufferin Terrace in Quebec has always been a place of sociability for the residents of the city. It has also found itself at the heart of the tourist boom of the beautiful capital. Today, it offers to the 2.5 million visitors who walk there…

Valley view

It was taken on the way to Ajmer. Ajmer is in the northwest section of India and is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. It is situated on the lower slopes of the Taragarh Hill of that range. The massive rocks of Nagpaharh range protects Ajmer from the Thar desert to the west.

Catherine early morning

I live in downtown, so Catherine street isn’t much of an attraction for me for sometime now but I was studying the whole night and as I came out of the library that morning, I took this picture at the right moment. Ste-Catherine Street has long been at the center of Montreal’s culture and identity but…